Hana-Haleakala Flight Highlights

  • See areas of Maui that are only accessible from the air
  • 40-50 Minutes over Haleakala Crater, Waterfalls, Rainforest & coastline
  • Discover Haleakala and its moonlike craters
  • Fly over Old Hana Town, Kaupo, Ko’olau Gaps, Ke’anae, sea cliffs, and more!
  • Choose Open Seating or upgrade to First Class seating (Front Seats)
  • Fly the FX-Star or upgrade to Whisper-Star helicopters
  • Whale Watching in season

About your flight…

Your flying options…
Sunshine flies the two (2) types of helicopters in their fleet, the FX-Star, and the Whisper-Star. Both helicopters feature:

*  All forward-facing seating, with hear seats are higher than the front seats
* Unobstructed 180-degree views from every seat
* Smooth, comfortable ride
* Roomy cabin for up to 6 passengers and a pilot
* Digital Stereo Music
* Noise-reducing Bose Headsets
* MultiVision Video System that records your entire tour, along with pilot narration and music

* Bench-style seating, all forward-facing.

* Individual bucket seats, all forward-facing
* Larger aircraft. Roomier than FX-Star
* Higher weight allowance (300 lbs vs. 240 lbs)

About Sunshine Helicopters…
Sunshine Helicopters was founded in Maui in 1985 by Vietnam veteran pilot Ross Scott and his wife Anna. They have been flying over Maui ever since and have built a reputation for excellence in service, safety, and customer satisfaction.

FX-Star Open Seat: $215 (Reg $239) + $50 Fuel Surcharge = $265
FX-Star First-Class (Front Seat): $305 (Reg $334) + $50 Fuel Surcharge = $355

Whisper-Star Open Seat: $265 (Reg $289) + $60 Fuel Surcharge = $325
Whisper-Star First Class (Front Seat): $360 (Reg $384) + $60 Fuel Surcharge = $420

**IMPORTANT: FAA Regulations require each passenger age 2 and older to purchase an individual seat.
Children under 2 years old may fly FREE on an adult’s lap**.

Weight Restrictions

FX-Star Helicopter 
Open seats: Max. individual weight: 240 lbs. Passengers weighing over 240 lbs must purchase two seats.
1st. Class Seats (2 front seats): Max Combined weight per couple: 400 lbs. Couples exceeding 400 lbs cannot ride in front seats.

Whisper-Star Helicopter
Open seats: Max. individual weight: 290 lbs. Passengers weighing over 290 lbs must purchase two seats.
1st. Class Seats (2 front seats): Max Combined weight per couple: 490 lbs. Couples exceeding 490 lbs cannot ride in front seats.

IMPORTANT: All passengers will be weighed at check-in. Anyone who grossly underestimates their weight will be subject to being bumped off the flight without compensation. PLEASE BE SURE TO REPORT ACCURATE WEIGHT(S).

Location: Sunshine Helicopters, located at the Kahului Heliport.
Check-in Time: 30 minutes before take-off
Parking: Available for a fee. Payment must be made upon arriving at the heliport by purchasing enough time to cover your flight and check-in. You MUST leave the parking validation on your car’s dashboard fully visible to the parking inspector.

What to Wear or Bring
Wear DARK COLORS to avoid catching your reflection, which will show up on your pictures.
Bring your phone or small camera, sunglasses, and a light cover-up
Please DO NOT bring large cameras or tablets that would block the view of other passengers.

***48-Hour Cancellation Policy***
**72-Hour Cancellation Policy** (for parties of 12 or more)

Please call us at 808-707-7260 between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm H.S.T., before the expiration of the cancellation window to cancel and receive a full refund.

** We DO NOT accept cancellation requests made via text, voicemail, or email. You MUST call to cancel your tour. **

Refunds will not be issued on:

* LATE ARRIVALS – Please make sure to verify travel time to your activity

107 Airport Rd, Kahului, HI 96732

Kahului Heliport, 1 Keolani Pl, Kahului, HI 96732