Hawaii may be famous for being a honeymoon destination, but it can also be a fun holiday destination for families with kids, especially the beautiful island paradise of Maui. Each of Hawaii’s islands enjoys year-round sunshine, but Maui has the perfect mix of Hawaii’s rugged beauty, not to mention family-friendly accommodations and activities. From going on a family road trip to the Road to Hana to exploring Haleakala and whale watching in Lahaina, Maui has quite a lot of things for adults and kids to enjoy.

Because of the wealth of activities to do in Maui, planning a family-friendly holiday should be easy. To ensure you’ll get the most out of your holiday, here are some essential tips.

1. Choose the accommodation according to your family’s needs

Staying in comfortable vacation accommodation is essential when going on a family holiday. Therefore, consider each of your needs when looking for a place to stay in Maui. Do you have a baby that sleeps in a crib? If so, look for a family-friendly hotel that can provide a crib and other amenities for infants and toddlers. Some hotels may even have high chairs, bottle warmers, and diapers.

If your little ones are picky eaters, consider staying in a vacation rental with a kitchen. That way, you can cook special meals for your little ones. And since Maui is an upmarket island that imports most of its food, cooking your meals might save you a few extra dollars. For families with active kids, choose an accommodation that offers plenty of entertainment facilities for the kids. Perhaps, you can stay at a resort with a swimming pool and other water sports activities. The key is to know each of your personal preferences and make sure to choose the accommodation suitable to everyone’s needs.

2. Decide what to do with your family

You’ll have plenty of options for family-friendly activities in Maui, so you need to plan this aspect carefully, especially if you’re only visiting for only a few days. But avoid over-planning ahead of time and make sure to leave some room for flexibility. When deciding what to do on your Maui holiday, consider your kids’ needs. Traveling to a new destination can be overwhelming for youngsters, but you can impart a comforting sense of control by offering them plenty of options.

If you have active teens, you can include land-based activities on your itinerary, such as Horseback Riding, Zipline Adventures, and Bike Tours. For ocean-based activities, you can let them choose between Snorkeling the Maui Coast, kayaking, and taking up surfing and SUP lessons. If you have toddlers, take them to the Maui Ocean Center or go on a fun Pineapple Farm Tour. Given the endless activities in Maui, you are sure to have fun on your holiday with the family.

3. Determine your budget

When planning a family vacation, creating a budget is necessary. To create a budget, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend for the holiday. Find out how much of this will go towards the accommodation, food, airfare, and activities to do in Maui.

Depending on where you came from, a big portion of your budget will go towards your airfare and accommodation. Whatever that’s left, you can divide that for the food and excursions. Even if you plan to stay in an all-inclusive resort, you need to factor in the cost of dining out. Again, if you want to save money on food, book a vacation rental with a kitchen.

4. Bring essentials that can be expensive to buy on the island

Avoid unnecessary expenses by bringing all the essentials, especially since they are usually more expensive to buy on the island. If you don’t want to buy toiletries and diapers, then pack enough of these items to last the entire duration of your trip. Don’t forget to bring swimwear, sunscreen, and other beach accessories if you plan to do some ocean-based activities. You may be able to buy these things on Maui, but they can be more expensive, and this can significantly affect your budget.

5. Pack layers for cool nights

When packing for your trip, don’t forget to pack coats and layers for when you need to go out at night. For instance, if you plan to go out for family dinners or you want to attend one of the Luau Parties in Maui, then you need something to warm you up. The island breeze tends to pick up at night, and most days can start cool early in the morning. Also, if you plan to go hiking to the Haleakala Volcano, the temperature can drop below 40 degrees, so make sure you have the proper clothing for this.

6. Inform hotel staff of any special needs

When booking your hotel, provide the staff with as much information regarding your family’s needs so they can accommodate you on these. Inform them of any food allergies and if your kids have special needs. If you miss out on mentioning these details during your booking, you can inform reception as soon as you check in. For parents whose kids have sensory difficulties, make sure you let the hotel staff know about this. Be very specific about what your child cannot tolerate, such as cleaning products with a very strong smell.

You also need to think about your child’s needs when booking excursions and activities in Maui. Find out the age requirements before booking the tours and other important details, including height and weight restrictions.

7. Prepare your kids for the flight

If this is the first time that your kids will be taking a flight, it’s worthwhile to spend some time getting them mentally prepared for the trip. Tell them what to expect at the airport and during the flight, and how they should behave. Go through the important details with them, such as the need to take off their jacket and shoes when passing through security. Inform your kids about the importance of staying close to you, especially when navigating through crowded airports.

Hopefully, these top tips on planning a family vacation can help you make your experience smooth and enjoyable. We hope we get to see you for some amazing adventures on Maui in the near future.