There are many ways to experience the best things that Maui has to offer. You can go snorkeling to experience its colorful underwater world or hiking to explore its scenic mountains and hills. But many would agree that the best way to experience the raw beauty of Maui is from the sky. So, when it comes to planning your trip to Maui, think about including a Tour by Air in your itinerary.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what to expect on a Maui Air tour.

Maui Helicopter Tours

You’ll have plenty of options for your Maui Air Tour since many companies offer helicopter tours in Maui. However, most of these tours will include exploring parts of West Maui and the island of Molokai. During your tour, you’ll explore deep valleys in the rainforest, come across misty mountains, and view spectacular sea cliffs from above. You will also get the chance to see majestic waterfalls cascading down the cliffs and fly across the scenic Iao Valley.

There are also helicopter tours that will explore other areas in Maui other than Molokai and West Maui. For instance, the Maverick Hana Experience with Rainforest Landing will take you over the famous Hana rainforest, which only a few people have ever been to. You’ll experience breathtaking sea cliffs and stunning waterfalls while also exploring the north shore towns of Paia, Haiku, and the famous Road to Hana. You could also tour the whole island including Haleakala!

How Long Is a Full Flying Helicopter Tour?

Most Maui helicopter tours will take around 45 minutes, but others could take up to an hour. Aside from the flight time, guests will also have to spend a few minutes for flight preparations and after landing. During flight preparation, guests undergo weight checks to ensure accurate weight calculations. Guests will also be asked to view the helicopter flight safety video, which the FAA requires. There will also be seating orientation and Q&A sessions with the pilot before the flight. After landing, guests can view trip recording highlights and go souvenir shopping. Therefore, you should allocate around two hours of your time for the Maui helicopter tour.

How Many Passengers Can Fit in a Helicopter?

Most helicopters used for a Maui Air Tour can seat up to six passengers, plus the pilot. Thus, it’s an ideal activity for the family or groups of friends. If you are booking less than six seats, expect to share the flight with other tourists.

Why is Weight Check Necessary?

Weight checks are necessary for safety purposes. Thus, all passengers have to reveal their weight when booking the tours. Before taking the flight, passengers will be weighed again for confirmation. Compared to airplanes, helicopters have tighter rules on weight for flight requirements. Therefore, confirming the weight of passengers is extremely necessary.

What To Bring on the Flight?

Avoid bringing loose items like purses, hats, and backpacks. These items will not be allowed on the tour flight, but there are lockers where you can store them for safety while you’re up in the air. The only items you will be allowed to bring are cameras, mobile phones but have to be in airplane mode, and small water bottles.

Remember that these restrictions are put in place for your safety. This is also in compliance with the FAA regulations for flight security. So, keep these in mind when planning what to bring on your Maui air tour. Of course, feel free to ask the tour operator for confirmation about what and what not to bring on your helicopter tour.

What to Wear on your Maui Air Tour?

The helicopters used for Maui Air tours are climate-controlled. Therefore, you can wear shorts and open-toed shoes if you want. Anything heavy, such as a jacket, can make you feel warm even at altitude. In fact, most passengers often end up leaving their pullovers or jackets in the lockers. You can wear whatever you want for your helicopter tour, just as long as you feel comfortable throughout the flight.

When possible, it’s highly recommended that you wear clothes in dark solid colors to avoid reflecting in the helicopter windows, which could distract the views. The reflection can also affect the quality of the photos you will capture during the tour. Bright or white-colored clothing tends to produce a glare that will make it more difficult to see the views that could spoil the experience.

Will There Be Turbulence?

Bumps and some forms of light turbulence are less common in a helicopter than in most planes, even bigger planes, and commercial jets. This has to do with the aerodynamics that governs the helicopter’s body design and flight method. Aside from the greater stability of helicopters, Maui Air tours will only operate when the weather conditions are favorable, allowing for a more enjoyable tour experience. While there’s a chance of slight bumps during your tour, you can expect a smoother ride experience compared to flying in a plane, especially upon takeoff and landing.

When Is the Best Time to Book a Maui Air Tour?

Anytime is a great time to book a Maui air tour. Of course, what you most want to see can help you decide when to schedule your tour. You might want to see beautiful sunrises or sunsets, or perhaps, you want to see whales during your flight. Of course, the weather can be a significant factor too. Flights will operate even if it rains for as long as the rain stays within safe levels. But if the weather gets too extreme, they will cancel the flights and reschedule at your preferred date.

Maui’s golden beaches, lush green rainforests, and stunning waterfalls are breathtaking from land, but imagine seeing these awe-inspiring views from the air? Regardless of what brings you to Maui, booking a helicopter tour is the perfect way to ensure you get to see the best of the island. For the ultimate VIP experience, book a helicopter tour with a private landing. Also, try to book your tour as early as possible to guarantee a seat.