Going on a holiday is something that we all look forward to, especially if we are heading to the beautiful paradise island of Maui. With its lush tropical beaches, beautiful landscapes, and a wealth of fun activities, Maui is a dream destination to many.

But before you get too excited about your trip, it’s a good idea to come up with a packing list. This is to avoid any packing mishaps that could spoil your dream holiday. The last thing you want is to head to the beach without a swimsuit or to not have the right shoes for hiking. So to prevent these, here’s what to pack depending on the things you plan to do in Maui.

But even if something is forgotten back at home, all is not lost, we have many great stores on the island too!

Relaxing Hawaii Vacation

When packing for a trip, the first thing you need to consider is the type of vacation you want to make. Most travelers that go to Maui would want a relaxing holiday. These are the types of travelers who would choose to spend most of their days soaking up the sun at one of Maui’s beautiful beaches or going for a relaxing massage or spa. For this type of vacation, make sure you pack some swimsuits with you. You also need sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, sandals, tank tops, shorts, and a hat to shield you from the sun. Some vacationers may want to bring a light jacket or a shawl for a cool evening walk on the beach.

If you want your holiday to be spent lounging by the pool, then don’t forget to bring a book to keep you entertained. Those who want to go on a picnic by the beach should consider bringing a mat. To make your vacation even more relaxing, consider going on a romantic dinner cruise. In this case, you may need to pack a dressy outfit. For men, a pair of slacks or khaki pants with a collared shirt should be fine. As for women, a dress would work best.

Aside from the clothes, make sure you bring some toiletries, too. Although your hotel will most likely provide these, it’s a good idea to come prepared. Consider packing a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, shaving supplies, and facial cleanser. To lessen the toiletries that you need to bring, call your hotel and ask which toiletries they can provide. Bring only those that they do not have.

The best way to end your relaxing Maui holiday is to go on a helicopter ride over Molokai. Your journey will start at Kahului Heliport then towards the Pailolo Channel, before heading to Molokai where you will pass by the world’s tallest sea cliffs and waterfalls. For this activity, you can wear anything you want, for long as you are comfortable.

Maui Adventure-Filled Getaway

For travelers who are going to Maui for an adventure-filled getaway, then you certainly won’t be disappointed. Maui offers a wealth of adventurous activities, from horseback riding, hiking to scuba diving and surfing. Depending on the type of activity that you plan to do, make sure you bring the right clothing.

Witnessing sunrise in the Haleakala Crater is a popular activity in Maui. There are various ways to explore this area. Others can go on a biking tour, while the more adventurous ones would prefer to hike. In this case, make sure you pack the right outfit. Make sure you have comfortable clothing for hiking, a pair of hiking boots, and a backpack. Don’t forget to bring a jacket as it can get very cold up there. In fact, even if the weather in Maui is warm, temperatures could drop down at night, so a jacket would come in handy if you’re going on a night out.

For travelers who wanted to go horseback riding in Maui, you need to pack long trousers, a pair of gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, a jacket, and a pair of riding boots. If you’re visiting Maui during the winter months, bring warm clothing or fleece to keep you comfortable during your ride.

Surfing is the number one activity that adventurous travelers should do in Maui. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, surfing in Maui is certainly a fun activity for you. First-time surfers should consider taking surfing lessons in West Maui and South Maui, most specifically on the beaches of Kaanapali, Lahaina, and Kihei. Maui is also famous for other forms of surfing. You can try stand-up paddleboarding, which uses larger boards for surfers to stand on. Windsurfing in Hookipa Beach is also a fun activity to experience for adventurous travelers.

Maui Sightseeing Holiday

Maui vacations are meant to be relaxing and fun, but the island has many beautiful attractions, making it perfect for sightseeing. If you love nature, going on a hiking tour is a fun activity. Depending on your skill level, Maui offers a wealth of incredible hikes ranging from easy trail walks to challenging excursions that could take several days. For those who love wildlife, joining a whale-watching tour is a must. During your tour, you’ll witness humpback whales gracing the ocean waters as they go for their annual winter migration. A visit to the Maui ocean center is also a fun activity for families with kids. This aquarium is dedicated to displaying and preserving the marine life of Hawaii.

For your sightseeing holiday in Maui, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes for walking. You also need to pack plenty of sunscreens and, perhaps a cap. A lightweight jacket, as well as a pair of sunglasses, should also be added to your packing list. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes when going sightseeing in Maui. A shirt and a pair of leggings would be perfect for women, while men can wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Hopefully, this article can serve as your guide into coming up with a packing list for your Maui holiday. Aside from the Maui activities that you plan on doing, you also need to consider the weather when deciding what to pack. Although Maui is an incredible place to visit any time of the year, a visit during winter may require you to bring additional clothing to keep you warm especially at night. So plan your visit well and make sure you come prepared.